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Health Wellness & High Performance Coaching

If you find yourself experiencing stagnation, mental fog, heightened stress, or a sense of imbalance, these are all vital signals that demand our attention. Health and wellness coaching offers a comprehensive, objective exploration of your overall well-being and lifestyle. I am dedicated to serving as your trusted guide on this transformative journey, helping you navigate the necessary changes and services required to break free from stagnation and unlock a path to improved health and wellness.


If you’re currently grappling with a sense of ambiguity, a shortage of courage, diminished willpower, or a burning desire for personal or professional excellence, I stand ready to assist you in uncovering the hidden constraints, self-limiting beliefs, and counterproductive actions that may be hindering your progress. Through our journey together, you’ll gain invaluable insights, cutting-edge tools, and effective techniques tailored to shatter those barriers, propelling you towards the realm of high performance.

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Heard of ‘coaching’ before but thought, ‘that ain’t for me’? Same. That was until Brian opened my eyes. During our time together, I’ve been able to evolve in more ways than I could have imagined - personally and professionally. Coaches tend to stop being involved in our lives post graduation, yet that’s when we need them the most. Especially coaches that practice what they preach (i.e.. Brian Bowen) Bowen’s actual business success paired with a relentless drive for personal development makes him a coach that isn’t just regurgitating the recent self-help book. Darn grateful I took a chance with Brian and beyond appreciative of him stretching me outside of my comfort zone with an impact that can last a lifetime.  
Steven Benoy
Small Business Crafted Consulting | Founder

Corporate Talks,Webinars, & High Performance Group Coaching

Is your company poised to embark on a transformative journey towards a happier, healthier, and seamlessly integrated future? Achieving this vision begins by nurturing the mindset within the microcosm to elevate the macrocosm. I’m here to be your trusted guide, providing the essential tools necessary to facilitate this shift, enabling you, your valued team members, and the entire organization to ascend to a new level of vitality and high-performance excellence.

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Amazing high energy and enthusiasm! From start to finish, working with Brian Bowen is always a great experience. I have hired Brian on several occasions to speak my corporate clients. Booking speakers for my corporate wellness business has its challenges, as we have a very diverse (age, geographic, socioeconomic) audience as well as people at all different stages of their wellness journey. Hiring a speaker who can captivate our diverse audience often proves difficult, however, working with Brian never fails. Brian connects with the audience like no other presenter I have worked with. He is passionate about all thing wellness and brings amazing high energy and enthusiasm to every talk and conversation. Whether it’s a small group of senior leaders or a large conference, Brian is always well prepared, connects with the audience and is the ultimate presenter! Brian Bowen knows the wellness space and the information he shares can and does change lives. I would highly recommend Brian to any group looking for an informative, energetic presenter—no matter the audience.
Kristin Markey
Founder & CEO Nest Health Connections

Online Streaming Growth Products

If you are just getting started in personal development or ready to take back control of your health and wellness but not ready to chat one on one, no problem.  We offer free and paid for streaming content that will give you amazing tools that you can use immediately!

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I live in Colorado with my beautiful three kids, wife, and two doggies. I  have been fortunate to provide over 100,000 treatments over 23 years in practice, utilizing a variety of therapies.  I am passionate about learning, treating, and teaching all things around health and wellness.  I am a licensed Acupuncturist, Massage Therapist, Postural Alignment Specialist, Corrective Exercise Specialist, Certified Personal Trainer, and High-performance Coach.  I have a big entrepreneurial spirit, I am the founder of Integrative Health inc., Outch Ointment, Dao Needle Therapy, Better Human inc., All Thing Good For You Podcast, and owner of two Hand and Stone Massage and Facial spas.

I am in a relentless pursuit of personal development. I LOVE helping people break through to their next level of success, happiness, and health.

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