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Health Wellness & High-Performance Coaching brings clarity, guidance, courage, inspiration, and aliveness. 

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High Performance Coaching

Ascend to new heights with our coaching service, designed to unlock your untapped potential and reveal the high performer within you. Don't merely wait for life's challenges; instead, proactively challenge life itself. Your moment of revelation and transformation, your "AH-HA" moment, eagerly awaits you!

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Health & Wellness Coaching

Many individuals dedicate the first half of their lives pursuing wealth at the expense of their health, only to reverse this pattern later on by investing their wealth in regaining their health. Seize control of your well-being today! Our coaching service is your compass, guiding you back to the vibrant and fulfilling life you truly deserve.

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Corporate Talks, Webinars, & High Performance Group Coaching

Transform your company by nurturing a culture of health and happiness. When one employee improves their health, the ripple effect enhances vitality, productivity, and positivity. Imagine the transformation if several employees achieved this healthier mindset, compounding the positive energy for profound organizational benefits.

I am so excited and enthused about the future of my business and personal success’ because of this amazing coaching from you Brian and The Better Human, Inc.  It truly has launched my headspace into areas that fulfill me rather than just doing the day-to-day stuff that makes you feel like each day is quite frankly draining.  I feel like I can thrive more now using all the tools that I have learned, as well as I have developed personal strategies that relate directly back to myself and how I can do life and my business better.  Brian is so good at coaching you hardly even feel like you are being coached, he has these highly unique intentional sessions with you that are so personalized around reforming and reformatting your process’ or thinking styles, it feels like a personal weekly inspirational message that gets you so excited to take action and do the work.  I love the feedback and the homework and the drive this has given me.  I wish I could do this every week for the rest of my life!!  Thank you so much Brian, I think my business and my personal success’ will double in the next year because of this work that I’ve done with you.  You are an amazing coach, and I think because of your life experiences in business as an entrepreneur, and in alternative or Chinese Medicine, you offer such amazing diverse information and unique approaches that it makes you very gifted at what you are doing.  I just love it.  Thank you!!!  
Christie Taylor
Owner TruFIT20

“There is always another level we can move up to. As a husband, father, friend, boss, and entrepreneur, balance, vivaciousness, and sense of life is critical to my happiness.”



High performance means to succeed beyond the norms consistently over the long term while maintaining positive well-being and relationships. Feeling fully engaged, Joy, aliveness, and confidence that comes from consistently living from your best self.

The majority of the population feels stressed out, stagnant, and dissatisfied with some or all parts of their lives. High-Performance Coaching brings clarity and insight, helping to break down internal and external barriers. Basically, it helps give you your AH-HA! 


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